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Wojciech Bajda of Ericsson Ukraine: “Ukrainians use smartphones in the same way as consumers from EU countries”

Sweden’s Ericsson was one of the first telecommunications equipment providers to enter Ukraine, opening an office in 1995. The move paid off as it turned into a core supplier to Ukrainian mobile network operators and Internet vendors.

Now, as Ukraine makes the transition to third generation Internet, Ericsson sees more opportunities.

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Are Facebook moderators “pro-Russian?” Ukrainian president and Facebook founder involved in online controversy

Is Facebook’s moderation team pro-Russian? Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and Mark Zuckerberg in person got involved in the controversy last week after thousands of Ukrainian users accused the social network of taking down or blocking posts and accounts from Ukraine.

These takedowns were politically motivated and the posts were being reported for violations by masses of “Kremlin supporters,” these Ukrainian users believe.

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Seed Forum Kyiv 2015

Ukraine’s technological transition successful, but brain drain needs to be stopped, warns tech conference

Seed Forum Kyiv 2015, a closed international investment conference, was held on April 28 in the Ukrainian capital. The event gathered high tech investors, businessmen and journalists, as well as diplomats, who discussed the main industry issues in an international perspective.

Steinar Hoel Korsmo, co-founder of Seed Forum Central and Eastern Europe, praised Ukraine’s IT development and potential, noting however that it is crucial for Ukraine to make research activity more commercially oriented.

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Andrzej Malinowski, GM of Rocket Internet’s Lamoda: “In spite of the tragic events in the country, the Ukrainian market is still quite attractive”

In 2014 — three years after successful launch on the Russian market — footwear and clothing online retailer Lamoda entered the Ukrainian market. In spite of the political and economic turmoil, the Rocket Internet creature has asserted itself as one of the country’s main e-commerce companies.

Its general manager, Poland’s Andrzej Malinowski, unveiled his strategy in an interview with Ukrainian online publication iGate in Russian language. Here are the main translated excerpts.

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Clutch identifies leading app developers in Ukraine

Clutch, a major publisher of app developer reviews, has released its first piece of research identifying leading app developers in Ukraine. The research leverages the proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology, mapping each firm’s focus on mobile app development and UI/UX design against their ability to deliver results for their clients.

According to Clutch, the leading app developers in Ukraine are: Lemberg Solutions, Intersog, Stanfy, MLSDev, Yalantis, SteelKiwi Development, eGo Creative Media Solutions, AltexSoft, Provectus, Anadea, Zfort Group, and GBK Soft.

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Russia’s iTech Capital invests $2 million in Ukrainian mobile marketing startup Clickky

Moscow-based venture fund iTech Capital announced today it has invested $2 million in Clickky. Operating globally from its headquarters in Odessa, Ukraine, Clickky has developed a comprehensive mobile app marketing platform with in-house proprietary technology for user acquisition, traffic monetization and performance analysis.

The investment will support Clickky’s expansion into the United States, South-East Asia and other emerging markets, as well as the launch of new analytics and media buying features and products. Clickky also plans to launch its own mobile advertising sales agency, MobiLimes.

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New Ukrainian fund BeValue invests in Coppertino

Coppertino, a Los Angeles-based startup with Ukrainian origins, has received an undisclosed amount from BeValue, a venture fund which appeared earlier this year in the Ukrainian startup scene. Tech publication AIN.UA reports from unnamed sources that the transaction amounted to up to $200,000.

Founded in 2011 by Petro Bondarevskyi and Ivan Ablamskyi, Coppertino has maintained its R&D center in Ukraine. Its main product, VOX, is a minimalist and free music player for Mac capable of handling any audio format.

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Ukraine’s security service takes down 30,000 websites to fight “pro-Russian propaganda”

Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU) was initially aiming to shut down five websites that had been allegedly spreading pro-Russian views about the conflict in Ukraine. Instead, they ended up crushing thousands of other websites, halting business and other activities of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet.

In an attempt to block five allegedly anti-Ukrainian websites, the State Security Service cracked down on a local web-hosting company,, also the largest domain registrar in Ukraine.

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Three successes in IT deregulation give hope for future

Despite all the challenges coming along the way, deregulation remains one of the fastest-moving reforms. A number of laws and Cabinet of Ministers decrees that make life easier for Ukrainian business have already been passed.

Moreover, the government has recently adopted an action plan on deregulation for 2015-2016, which contains 130 of the most painful issues for business, with a responsible state body assigned and a time frame for implementation clearly defined.

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Seed Forum Kyiv 2015

Seed Forum Kyiv 2015 to showcase the best of Ukrainian hardware and software

A part of a series of international investment conferences in more than 45 countries, Seed Forum Kyiv 2015 will take place on April 28 in the Ukrainian capital.

The event will present the best Ukrainian hardware and software startups with a global development potential, according to the international Seed Forum Fund’s expert committee.

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