TA Ventures invests in German metasearch engine for clothing and lifestyle products

Earlier this month Kyiv-based TA Ventures took part in a €2.3 million round of funding for Stylelounge, a German startup which operates a metasearch engine for clothing and lifestyle products.

Also participating in the round were Axivate Capital, ASTUTIA Ventures as well as several business angels and family offices, according to CrunchBase and other media reports.

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Andrey Kolodyuk

Building a startup nation is a new Ukrainian dream

Two months ago I welcomed a delegation of European investors and tech entrepreneurs for the informal 3-day WEF/YGL/GS Ukraine Discovery Tour in Kyiv. I met them at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January and invited to Ukraine despite skeptical views on the “country in war.”

These views weren’t surprising because of the Russian propaganda that displayed the war with the purpose to scare off all business people and investors.

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Galactic Exchange

Ukrainian startup secures funding in Silicon Valley in one week to “simplify big data”

Illustrating the growing interpenetration of the Ukrainian and US startup ecosystems, Galactic Exchange, a big data startup with activities split between Kharkiv (Kharkov), Eastern Ukraine, and Silicon Valley, recently raised a seed funding round.

The negotiation with the Silicon Valley investors took “less than a week,” Galactic Exchange co-founder Konstantin Kladko told Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA.

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Leading industry association IAOP invites Ukrainian IT players to international outsourcing event

Leading international industry association IAOP is pleased to announce its return to Europe for the fourth European Outsourcing Summit taking place on 18-20 October at the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.

This event is being organized with the support of the IAOP’s founding members, global partners, Regional Advisory Boards, and European and Eastern European chapters.

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ukraine computer screen

New world of work: Digital marketplace reshapes casual labour

Dmitry Melnichenko’s wife had doubts about his plan to quit his stable, nine-to-five job to work from home as a freelance web developer; there was the uncertain income stream, the lack of interaction with colleagues and their young daughter to think about.

But not only has Mr Melnichenko earned more since going solo than his wife expected, now Mrs Melnichenko, a financial controller with a large Ukrainian agricultural company, is also quitting her job and training as a coder — joining more than 120,000 Ukrainian freelancers pitching for work on online platforms like Upwork.

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Ukraine UK

Ukrainian tech startups showcase potential at London roadshow

As Ukraine’s technology startups struggle to connect with Silicon Valley investors, their fellow countrymen in London are trying to open doors in the U.K. investor community. To get the ball rolling, Ukrainians Serhiy Burnus and Oleksiy Kolchanov organized the Ukrainian Startups Roadshow at three London locations on July 23-25.

Taking place at Bloomberg headquarters, Google Campus, and Deloitte Digital Studio, 10 early-stage technology startups from Ukraine presented their products to an audience of almost 250 business people and investors.

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Central bank widens road for cross-border payments and commerce

The legal firewall blocking access for Ukrainians to international banking and online payment systems is set to come tumbling down as the National Bank of Ukraine removed a number of barriers in cross-border payments and commerce.

E-payment systems like PayPal can now fully operate in Ukraine. Previously, Ukrainians could purchase goods abroad using PayPal, but it was illegal for them to receive payments on their accounts.

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In Eastern Ukraine, major IT players form “Kharkiv IT Cluster”

Last week several major IT companies in Kharkiv (Kharkov) announced they are joining forces to form the “Kharkiv IT Cluster” with the stated goal of transforming the city into an attractive IT hot spot, reported tech blog AIN.UA.

Among the cluster’s key supporters are software developers and publishers Altexsoft, Insart, Telesens and Videal as well as web development company Sloboda Studio and e-marketing company Promodo.

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Lviv office

Lviv property developer to build office space for 500 tech employees

Lviv (Lvov), a western Ukrainian city with more than 700,000 residents, is also the home of dozens of technology companies. Property developers use that to their advantage.

Recently Adamas, a Lviv-based property developer, announced that in the beginning of 2016 it will start building a large office building for 500 employees of information technology companies. The development will have modern facilities, including parking space and infrastructure comfortable for their type of work. Construction is expected to finish in mid-2017.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 13.37.12

Warsaw event to highlight latest e-commerce trends in Central and Eastern Europe

E-commerce Trends 2015, a major e-commerce event in Poland, will hold its 6th edition at the Businessmen Institute in Warsaw on September 22-23. Highlighting the most important aspects of e-trade including cross-border trade, mobile commerce, modern logistics, payment and marketing services, the event will bring together key players from Central and Eastern Europe offering services and solutions for online shopping.

The conference will thus be attended by hundreds of executives of e-commerce companies, service providers, marketing, payments and logistics specialists as well as other professionals.

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