Ukraine after the crisis: Moving to a knowledge-based economy – an invitation to act now

Dear Mr. Sheremeta,

I would like to extend this invitation to you, as a representative of the government, to have a meeting with “IT Ukraine” association using this document as the agenda. We should immediately establish a working group to transform these ideas into concrete plans that can be put into action right away.

As you stated on CNN Amanpour yesterday: “I am very happy to note that we completely on the same page here. We should start now to look at how we can strengthen Ukraine and show the way forward.”

I would like to discuss 3 specific actions:

  • The government join with our industry in sending a message to the world, a strong message, that Parliament is strongly committed to the growth and further advancement of the IT industry in Ukraine.
  • Commit to working together with the IT Industry to raise funds for investing into the Ukrainian education system, especially universities.
  • Assign permanent responsibility for enacting this vision to a specific department or ministry within the government in order to ensure this engine for economic growth in the new Ukraine is given due attention. The IT Industry could see you in this position, Mr. Sheremeta.

The IT software industry declare ourselves ready to invest further in Ukraine:

  • Make sure that every single person qualifying as a software development professional gets a job.
  • Invest further in sales and marketing to attract customers.
  • Invest further in buying, building, renting offices, in state-of-the art IT infrastructure, office environments and professional administrative staff to ensure we are the best employers in the market
  • Expand our internal training and education programs to further enhance the skills and expertise of product managers, project managers and business leaders.

Together we can strengthen the Ukrainian economy and build confidence in Ukraine as a country of the digital age.

Sincerely yours,

Torben Majgaard

CEO & Founder, Ciklum

This is an abridged version of the full letter. Download the full version here. The letter is also available in Ukrainian and Russian translations.

Topics: Analysis & opinion, Education & training, IT services, People, Policy making
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