Pro-Ukrainian hackers break into Russian State Duma website

The cyber-war between participants of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict carries on. Yesterday evening hackers posted an anti-Russian message on the webpage of the Russian State Duma’s Committee on Regional Politics and Problems with the North and Far East, on behalf of Russian Communist Party member Nikolay Kharitonov.

The message was about how “all of the power of the empire known as the Russian Federation is totally based on alcoholism, fear, and cowardice.”

“One beautiful day it will collapse and you will be buried in its debris. We will kill you from the bushes and shoot you in the head. That’s because this is what you deserve. Let everyone who serves in the FSB (the former KGB), in the courts, and similar gangs know that no one will save you,” the statement said.

“The country is in ruins. Society is in ruins. Have a look around. Everyone drinks. The country is headed for disaster and we will help in accelerating this by killing and establishing chaos. Those who have eyes need to pick up weapons, shoot and kill, and help us either like this or in another way to destroy the home of these bastards. A call to arms! Save your souls! Before it’s too late,” the hackers wrote. The message ends with the slogan, “Glory to Ukraine!”

Duma hacked

The statement quickly disappeared from the State Duma’s website. An official response from Russian politicians has yet to be made. 

A week earlier hackers broke into the official website of the Coordination Council of Sebastopol and loaded on its main page a 24-hour telephone number which allegedly provided information on how to get a Russian passport. But what it really did was take 5 hryvnia ($0.39) from every caller to be used for the benefit of the Ukrainian army.

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