Jabil Circuit Ukraine to invest $1.5 million in electronics production in Transcarpathia

Having already invested $88 million since it established a base in Uzhgorod, Ukraine in 2004, the US-based manufacturing giant Jabil Circuit announced yesterday that they intend to spend a further $1.5 million for the purpose of boosting manufacturing-capacity for high-tech, complex products.

The company says that this latest investment will be directed towards boosting output by 10%. They have reportedly created 2,000 jobs at their Ukrainian plant, which is tasked with creating several models of Nokia phones.

Jabil Circuit was enticed to create a plant in Ukraine by the Transcarpathian Special Economic Zone, which was established in 2001 and claims to offer an extensive transportation network, partnerships with local state universities, a network of local suppliers and subcontractors, investment incentives, and more.

Within the former USSR, Jabil Circuit also maintains locations in Moscow and Tver, Russia.

Topics: Hardware & Electronics, News, Transcarpathia
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