Almost a third of Ukrainian users access the Internet via mobile devices

According to Yandex.Metrika, the share of unique visitors in Ukraine who access websites from smartphones or tablets grew by 11 points to 29% between August 2013 and April 2014.

However, so far mobile Internet users are less active than those who use computers for Internet access, so the share of tablets and smartphones accounts for just 13% of visits (interactive sessions with a website).

Ukrainian Internet users’ visits to websites from mobile devices, laptops and tabletop computers

Unique visits:

Mobile users stats Ukraine 2014 - Unique visitors


Mobile users stats Ukraine 2014 - Visits

Android remains the most popular platform in Ukraine. In the research period, the share of this operating system rose by 23 points to 62%. In second place is iOS (14%). These platforms are especially popular among tablet owners: 98% of visitors who view websites from tablets used either Android or iOS.

Ukrainians who prefer Android access the Internet with smartphones more often than with tablets by four to one. The situation is different with iPad and iPhone. Owners of those iOS devices prefer to view websites on tablets.

Distribution of mobile platforms in Ukraine, unique visitors


OS in Ukraine 2014 - Smartphones


OS in Ukraine 2014 - Tablets

All devices:

OS in Ukraine 2014 - Smartphones+tablets

Ukrainians are adopting new versions of mobile operating systems at varying rates, depending on the platform. Thus, 71% of iPhone and iPad users have switched to iOS 7 in the half year since its release. In the same period, less than 5% of owners of Android device installed KitKat, the new Android operating system.

Source: KO


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