President Poroshenko promises 3G and 4G soon: Their implementation was held up by corruption

In a meeting met with representatives of public organizations last week, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said he was astounded that Ukraine was one of the last countries in the world where 4G technology has not been implemented and 3G is weakly deployed.

The introduction of modern 3G and 4G communications technologies will quickly have a positive influence on the economy, he believes.

Those technologies have not been launched in the country yet because of corruption, the president said. “Why isn’t it here yet? The answer is simple: corruption. But I am convinced that 4G is not just a communications technology. It is a stimulus for the economy that will enhance the budget, reform the state order, and so on,” he stated.

According to industry insider Andrei Logvin, a competition will be held among operators in the fall for frequencies that will make it possible for new-generation communications to develop.

Source: AIN.UA

Topics: Mobile, Mobile networks, News, Policy making
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