Google and TNS offer portrait of typical Ukrainian Internet user

Google has revealed the results of a study of consumer behavior among Ukrainian Internet users, reports Ukrainian IT-news portal proIT. According to the report, which involved the survey of 1,000 adults (aged 16+) in in January of this year and was completed by market-research firm TNS at Google’s request, 56% of those polled state that they are regular Internet users.  However, this figure spikes to 96% when considering only those who are 16-24 years old.

The percentage of smartphone users has increased more than threefold from 7% in 2012 to 24% in 2014. 71% of Ukrainians report that they use their smartphones on a daily basis, in comparison with 69% who report daily use of computers and 67% who report daily use of tablets.

Penetration internet connected devices

However, only 6% state that they access the Internet from all of these devices. Nonetheless, the study indicates that mobile access to the Internet has become increasingly popular, with 14% of respondents declaring that they go online more often with smartphones than computers and 8% saying that they exclusively use their mobile phones to browse the web.

How Ukrainians access Internet

Unsurprisingly, with the rise of mobile Internet has come an increase in online shopping, as well. 69% of Ukrainian Internet users indicated that they have made purchases online, while 68% say that they regularly watch videos and 69% listen to music through various services. The most popular online activity remains conducting searches, as 92% stated that they use the web to look things up. 88% of Internet users say that they connect with their friends through social networks, 84% use the Internet to read the news, and 75% simply go online to check their mail.

Among search engines, Google reigns supreme. 89% of Ukrainian Internet users report using Google to find something at least once a month and 61% report watching videos on YouTube. Google users in Ukraine also tend to skew younger, as 57% are between the ages of 16 and 34. 45% of Google users also have children and 37% have some higher education. And, they tend to use different devices, owning an average of 1.8 devices with access to the Internet. Most Ukrainian Internet users regularly watch video, listen to music (82% actively use YouTube), and do their shopping online.

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