Poroshenko unveils Instagram account while presidential website faces DDos attack

As Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others become ubiquitous, many Ukrainian leaders now communicate via social networks. Since the Maidan revolution these networks have even been used by several top officials to announce important government decisions.

Following the trend is Petro Poroshenko. The newly-elected Ukrainian president, who already maintained an official presence on Twitter and Facebook, last week announced the creation of his personal Instagram account. Thus far, the account mainly displays primarily photos of meetings with ministers and foreign dignitaries, but also images of Poroshenko and wife sharing tender moments and of the president visiting the troops.

In a separate move, the press secretary for President Poroshenko reported last week on his own Facebook page that the president’s website underwent a 6-hour-long DDoS attack. The group “CyberBerkut,” which previously reportedly hacked into the email account of a Ukrainian colonel and the bank accounts of PrivatBank customers, among other acts, claimed credit for this DDos attack.

In recent months, a cyber-guerilla between Ukraine and Russia saw pro-Ukrainian hackers break into Russian State Duma website and take down Russian government paper’s site.

Topics: Cybersecurity, E-government, Internet, News, People, Policy making, Social networks
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