Ukrainian government unveils 14 priorities for the reform of domestic IT industry

Earlier this week Dmitry Shimkiv, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration for Administrative, Social and Economic Reform, and Economic Development Minister Pavel Sheremeta, presented the online platform Easybusiness in UA.

The platform – available in Ukrainian language only – displays tasks that are being worked on by the presidential team responsible for reform. A separate section on the site is dedicated to the IT sector, with 14 priority areas for anticipated reform already listed.

These priority areas are:

  1. Provide opportunity of equal access to obtaining 3G licenses;
  2. Implement electronic documentation equal to existing paper counterparts;
  3. Permit the opening of companies and bank accounts abroad;
  4. Simplify the procedure for obtaining work permits for IT professionals that are non-residents;
  5. Ensure the protection of intellectual property rights in accordance with international standards;
  6. Ensure the development of the e-commerce market;
  7. Register and submit to the Rada (parliament) amendments to certain laws to improve the legal regulation of software;
  8. Simplify or cancel the issuance of licenses for electronic money and their administration;
  9. Protect critical elements of the telecom infrastructure (prohibit the removal of servers, network disconnections);
  10. Simplify the process of obtaining permits and licenses in the field of IT;
  11. Cancel the mandatory labelling of control marks;
  12. Provide access to the database on to all platforms that want to process the data and display it in a convenient way;
  13. Open the catalog of applications for the registration of intellectual property rights;
  14. Ensure the publication of data on proof of formal examination of applications for industrial design to provide an opportunity for filing objections by third parties.

According to Shimkiv, deregulation in the field of IT will bring some 6 billion hryvnias (approximately $460 million) to the state budget.

Former general manager for Microsoft Ukraine, Shimkiv was appointed Director of the Executive Committee for Reforms by President Poroshenko in late July. He was instructed to prepare a draft strategy within three months for the development of Ukraine through to 2020 in the legal, economic, social, scientific, technological, environmental, information and other fields.

Source: AIN.UA

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