Ukraine could block Russian “propaganda websites”

The Ukrainian authorities may block Russian web resources which they believe to be responsible for propaganda, as well as those linked to the Donbass insurgency.

“At the moment we are working at both the legal and technical level in order to follow the examples of Israel, America and China, closing down sites which pose a threat to our people,” said interior ministry aid Anton Gerashchenko earlier this week.

“There is the technical side, which needs to be resolved. As for the question regarding who will take the decision to close a site: it will be the court,” he added.

It is possible that the Ukrainian government will go further with the ban, even closing down pages on social networks. According to Gershchenko, the key aim of the proposal is to make sure that “nobody can visit sites which are being used to train terrorists.”

“We need to stop terrorists and separatists from using the Internet to discuss their illegal plans.”

Ukraine has banned several Russian television channels over the past few months. The latest move has targeted 14 channels, including Russia Today and Life News, which have been banned from broadcasting on cable networks after being accused of spreading war propaganda.

Sources: RIA Novosti, Ukraine National News

Topics: International, Internet, News, Policy making, Social networks, Ukraine-Russia
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