SBU claims that Russian intelligence creates fake social media accounts and spreads mobile viruses in Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) says that Russian intelligence has begun to create a panic on social networks and to spread viruses to Ukrainian phones, UNIAN reports.

According to the the first claim, Russian intelligence are preparing fake information about losses by Ukrainian forces in clashes in the eastern part of the country and about the defection of soldier to the side of the separatists.

As proof, the SBU says that they have found that 820 new profiles were registered between August 22-25 from 10 different IP addresses belonging to an LLC in one of the regions of St. Petersburg and says that each of the “owners” of these accounts appeared as if they were from Kyiv (Kiev), Lviv (Lvov), or Kharkiv (Kharkov).

The SBU also claims that Russian intelligence has begun to spread viruses to Ukrainian phones within the last few days. The Ukrainian intelligence service says that customers of mobile operators Kievstar, MTS Ukraine, and Astelit have begun receiving messages stating “Hi. A photo of you:” or “Hi. A photo of you:”.

In both cases, the user receives a virus upon clicking on the link, which immediately accesses the user’s contact information, account balances, and personal data. The SBU claims that the source of the harmful messages is in Moscow.

Topics: Cybersecurity, International, Internet, Mobile, News, Social networks, Ukraine-Russia
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