Oleksii Vitchenko launches seed-stage startup investment fund

Ukrainian entrepreneur Oleksii Vitchenko has launched Digital Future, a new investment company which analyses the Ukrainian startup landscape, seeks out the best new projects and takes them to the global market.

Digital Future invests in startups at various stages of development, focusing on e-commerce, digital marketing and mobile technology. The company usually looks to invest from $25,000 for a 10-15% stake.

Digital Future will work alongside accelerator GrowthUp. Launched in 2005 by Denis Dovgopoly, a figure of the Ukrainian startup scene, GrowthUp aims to help Ukrainian tech startups put their companies to the test, develop their business and build up a client base.

Vitchenko’s company is already believed to have closed its first investment deal, with Kiev-based startup Easy Ads the recipient. A further eight startups are currently being looked at. In the next 2-3 months Digital Future is planning to invest in 3-4 more startups.

Source: AIN.UA. This story first appeared on Rusbase.com.

Topics: Finance, News, Startups, Venture/Private equity
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