Ukrainian Google Play store begins to offer books

Last week, a new section for books appeared in the Ukrainian version of the Google Play store. Users can go there to purchase or download, for free, electronic publications in 11 categories, ranging from books on computers to fiction.

The price of paid copies varies widely, with books for children available for cheaper than a hryvnia and business books, if new, sometimes costing more than a thousand.

In the Google Play store, it is possible to purchase books not only in Ukrainian, but also in Russian and English, depending on the language in which the e-book is available. For a few books, it is possible to download a free small fragment before making a purchase.

Within each category of the books section, there are lists of subgenres, which allow users to filter out all offers based on the required topic. For instance, it is possible to check the “business” category and find all books under the “marketing” or “time management” subcategories. Programmers and IT specialists will find that if they look in the “computer” section, there are software and hardware-focused books available.

In July, Google expanded its All Access Music service to Ukraine among five other countries. Ukraine thus joined Russia as the only former Soviet republics with access to the service.

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