Fidomobile to invest 100 million hryvnias towards the construction of WiFi network in Kyiv metro

Fidomobile, a virtual operator of mobile networks, has won a competition held by the Kyiv (Kiev) state administration for selecting an operator for a high-speed WiFi network in the city’s metro.

The company plans to invest approximately 100 million hryvnias (approximately $7.7 million) in the project and to provide WiFi coverage throughout the metro, from escalators and platforms to tunnels and metro cars.

The network will cover 52 stations and the 67.5km lines of the Kyiv metro, as well as 744 cars. Further, FIDOMOBILE will provide coverage for stations due to be opened in the near future. The company will present free and premium services.

The operator will begin on the project after signing a contract with the Kyiv state administration and the first results, under favorable circumstances, will appear in 2015.

Source: KO.COM.UA

Topics: IT infrastructure, Kyiv, Mobile, Mobile networks, News, Policy making, Regions
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