Pro-Ukrainian hackers have leaked secret documents from Donetsk insurgents, Crimea, and Russia

Pro-Ukrainian hackers have reported that they have hacked the Crimean cells of the Donetsk People’s Republic, as the insurgents of Eastern Ukraine call themselves (abbreviated as “DNR” in Russian). This has resulted in an online database of documents and photo-materials from the DNR, representatives of Russian nationalist organizations in Crimea, and representatives of government agencies from the Russian Federation.

The database, to which the hackers offer free access, contains many documents relating to projects within the DNR, secret services and dispatches, scans of documents of Ukrainian citizens, and many more.

“The whole staff came from servers of [Russian nationalist organizations] Russian World, Russian Unity, and directly from the DNR,” declared the hackers in a statement. The entire database can be divided into three parts. In the first part, documents and projects related to Crimea after its absorption by Russia are presented. Among these documents is a series on the  alcohol industry in the peninsula, including a celebratory invitation to Vladimir Putin from the “Novyi Svet” sparkling wine factory.

Novy Svet for Putin

The second part contains documents from the DNR, including letters from its leaders to Moscow to ask for “help” for the victims of the “genocide of the ethnic Russian population” in Luhansk (Lugansk) and Donetsk regions, as well as databases of dead soldiers or volunteers from Russia and, presumably, Chechnya, who arrive at the morgues. Further, the database includes documents regarding collaboration between the DNR and the so-called Republic of Carpathian Rus.

The third section of the database includes scans of Ukrainian passports with visas to Greece and other countries. For the most part, they are of citizens from Donetsk and Luhansk, but there are also passports from residents of Kyiv (Kiev) and Lviv (Lvov). Further, the “leak” contains several scans of technical passports for vehicles registered in Ukraine.

Documents from representatives of the Russian Federation have also flowed into the network, which are actually not relevant to the situation in Ukraine. The hackers have posted nude photos of the wife of a Russian minister.

Within the database, there are also materials from Ukrainian state agencies, including documents from the cases being led by the Ministry of Internal Affairs against deputies Lev Mirimskiy and Andrei Senchenko, lists of inspections of the businesses of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, and more.

Earlier, hackers from the group “Anonymous International,” which recently posted correspondence from the Russian military online, hacked the email of Russian state deputy Robert Schlegel. Judging from the correspondence posted online, the deputy coordinated the work of trolls on Ukrainian and foreign forums, led “box stuffing,” and strongly supported the separatists.

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