Maidan revolutionary releases app for creating video-maps of the world

Ukrainian developers have released VideoMap, a free mobile app that allows owners of Android smartphones and tablets to create their own maps and add photos and videos, reports tech blog AIN.UA. On the map, these photos and videos are identified with special icons, which will allow the user to see what was shot in a particular place.

Photos and videos can be shot directly in the app and downloaded to the map or users can download materials which have already been prepared.

In addition, the app offers ratings of places and cities where photos and videos are most frequently downloaded, which allows users to track spots on the map with the highest level of activity. In particular, users can subscribe to other users of VideoMap in order to track updates on their map and to share photos and videos on social networks.


According to Petr Shevchenko, creator of the project, the idea for the app came during the Maidan revolution. “I wanted to give people the opportunity to capture events taking place on Maidan and add them to a map. It is now possible, but the app is still ‘damp’ and we are continuing to improve it,” he said.

Within the app, they use the “Kobzar” font, which was created on the basis of manuscripts from Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. According to the app’s creator, this underscores the Ukrainian origins of the project.

In addition to helping Android users “share moments of [their] life with friends, relatives and other people during travellig, working, having a rest,” Shevchenko has set for his application the goal of “creating a VideoMap of the world,” as stated on the Google Play page of the app.

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