Odessa e-marketing agency Netpeak acquires Bulgarian company and gets 10% stake in Russia’s Q-Page

Earlier this week the Odessa-based e-marketing agency Netpeak announced it has acquired a 51% stake in Bulgarian agency Optimization.bg as well as 10% of Q-Page, a Russian company that help individual entrepreneurs and SMBs create or optimize online sales pages.

Netpeak paid $100,000 for the stake in Q-Page. The details of the deal with the Bulgarian company have not been disclosed.

“There is a large number of customers who want to use the instruments of contextual advertising but don’t have an appropriate sales page. The key advantage of Q-Page is that it really is very easy to create a sales page. Almost anyone can do it,” Netpeak CEO Artem Borodatyuk explained.

“The other advantage is that the page template is designed for a single purpose: selling goods or services. Those are the two main reasons why Q-Page will succeed with small and medium-sized businesses,” he added.

In the Q-Page page maker, the process is organized so that the user does not have to be a programmer or designer. All pages in Q-Page are developed with an eye to adaptive technology – the page changes appearance depending on the screen so that it looked as attractive as possible on all modern devices. The service also features two levels of protection from errors while creating a sales page.

A sales page, according to the specialists at Q-Page, is more specialized than a landing page. It is a page that describes a good or service, contains a call to action and converts the visitor to a buyer. As a result, more buyers can be won on the same advertising budget.

Launched in 2006, Netpeak now has more than one hundred employees in its offices in Odessa and Kyiv (Kiev) as well as in Samara (Russia), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Sofia (Bulgaria) and New York. It claims to have conducted more than 1,200 projects involving nearly 450 Internet stores so far.

Sources: AIN.UA, Netpeak

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