15 Ukrainian startups selected at Dublin’s Web Summit – but come back home without prizes

Every year the tech world gathers in Dublin at the Web Summit to meet and learn from the people changing the world, faster and further than any generation in history. The conference is Europe’s largest tech event with Internet technology as its primary topic. This year it brought together 22,000 attendees, including companies from the Fortune 500, some of the world’s most exciting startups, investors and media from 90+ countries across the globe over November 4-6.

No fewer than 15 Ukrainian startups were selected to exhibit this year at the Web Summit – which accepted only 10% of out of 2,000 applicants this year. However, none of these Ukrainian companies won a prize, while BaseStone, a UK-based developer of solutions for design-review processes, and Portugal’s Codacy, whose platform automatically reviews software code, won the jury’s hearts.

Here is a brief presentation of the 15 Ukrainian nominees.

think buttons
ThickButtons is a touchscreen keyboard for smartphones that allows to type more accurately by enlarging the keys for the users.
Concepter is a tech company that creates innovative gadgets and software. In six months they have entered the global market, including their products at Amazon and the Apple Store.


Dressboom is a secret place, where girls swap fashion and brands with each other. Companies use it to promote brands and increase sales.
EcoisMe is a B2B2C service that helps people to monitor their energy consumption and helps utility providers to reduce power peaks.


Finova is a set of interconnected online landing pages aimed to bring new clients to official auto dealers, as well as financial and insurance companies.


Funtick is a social platform for organizing, sharing, selling and discussing events.
GastroLab is a platform to film, watch and share food in motion for free.
HotelinPocket is a platform for rapid development of mobile apps for hotels. Apps are a great tool for marketing, guests communication and service.
What do you get if mix Siri + Zillow? Meet izzly – a voice-recognition AI for real estate that can find you any housing or office you need!
Publicfast is a platform for promotion through opinion leaders’ social reach. Connecting socially active people on social media with their favorite brands.
Ringostat is an Intelligent Call tracking and VirtualPBX SaaS. Our mission is to reduce wasted money by maximizing advertising efficiency for our clients.
Travvi – is a social network of a new generation, specialized on hobbies, travel, leisure and events.
Branto is a breakthrough device that gives you a new way of communication with your loved ones and allows you to control your environment.
Hashtago is the hashtag-data mining, processing and handling product that makes hashtags valuable for business.
Settle brings easy mobile payments and pre-orders to customers and allows merchants to make the most of customer data.


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