Automated mail reminder startup MyRobot raises $60,000 and eyes global expansion

Ukrainian startup, which defines its solution as a “mail robot secretary,” has attracted $60,000 from a group of angels through the investment platform As part of a deal, the startup’s founder Bohdan Oleksandruk gave up control of 35% of the company.

The MyRobot solution reminds users of deadlines for tasks by email. Luanched just weeks ago, the service is currently confined to the Russian-language segment, but Oleksandruk plans to adapt the service for the global market.

Oleksandruk also plans to teach his robot secretary to interact with other applications and to grow an organic userbase without marketing investment.

At the moment, the startup’s userbase consists of several hundred users who Bohdan brought in through friends. According to his theory, having overcome the threshold of the first 100,000 users, the explosive growth awaits the startup thanks to the virus effect. When a user begins using, all contacts who are in correspondence with him will automatically learn about the service and may also try to use it.

“The most important thing at this stage is that we need serious investment in hardware, as the load on the service will become much larger,” explained the entrepreneur. Oleksandruk has not yet defined the business model.

The founder estimates that, in order to expand the team, conduct serious marketing activities, and strengthen the technical base of the startup, it will require several hundred thousand dollars in additional investment in a further round of financing.

Source: AIN.UA

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