Ukrainian startup Jeapie obtains $50,000 from Digital Future

Founded in 2013, Jeapie is a mobile notification-delivery service aiming to increase the quality of interactions with clients or co-workers through the introduction of smart push notifications.

What’s more, thanks to user data collection and analysis, Jeapie’s customers receive the opportunity to more deeply understand the behavior of users after receiving messages. In the future, customers may personalize the text, supply, and time of delivery for different groups.

“Jeapie was founded as a result of a simple observation: despite the rapid development of mobile technology, businesses as a whole still rely on email and SMS for communication with their clients,” believes Jeapie co-founder Aleksandr Mikhaylenko.

“There are a series of limitations with this protocol over the past 20 years. The potential for the push notification has been undervalued, but it is obvious to us that the future is behind them. Surely, they will not be able oust the ‘classic’ channels, but their pre-designed protection from spam and advertising is the path to an upgrade of communications between the business and client to a new level,” the entrepreneurs says.

Jeapie screens

Large companies showing interest in the startup include banks and telecommunications companies. With its English-language, internationally-oriented website, the startup claims that its solutions are “globally comfortable” and “an inexpensive service for developers.” It aims to go global, initially to European countries and to southeast Asia.

“We consider the Jeapie technology to be promising and unique, as we have seen the effectiveness of the solution in its own cases, containing a large client base,” notes Oleksii Vitchenko, founder of Digital Future.

“In our view, in addition to the global potential, this project will address important, immediate problems in Ukraine with regards to the expected development of 3G technology,” he adds.

Jeapie intends to use the money obtained from Digital Future to develop the product, optimize business processes, and build sales channels.

Created this past September by entrepreneur Oleksii Vitchenko, investment company Digital Future analyzes the Ukrainian startup landscape, selects new projects, and aims to take them to the global market. Digital Future invests in startups at various stages of development, offering $25,000 and upwards in exchange for a 10-15% stake.

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