Patriotic game created in Zaporozhye with proceeds to go to the army

GBKSOFT, a team of mobile app developers from Zaporizhia (Zaporozhye), has released a game for iOS devices called Defend Ukraine. The app, which is available i Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, can be purchased in AppStore for $0.99. All money from sales will be sent to Wings Phoenix, a volunteer organization that supports the Ukrainian army.

The point of the game is to click very quickly on regions on a map where a donkey appears against the background of the Russian flag. The donkey bears a strong resemblance to the president of the country neighboring Ukraine. As the game proceeds, the Russian flag appears more and more often on Ukrainian territory, so the player must have a fast reaction time to win.

“We understand that most people don’t have any mpre strength or opportunity to help our country’s defenders, so we decided to release a game dedicated to the heroes fighting on the frontlines,” Denis Vorobyov, one of the game’s developers, commented. GBKSOFT says it will begin working on an Android version of the app in the near future.

This is not the first case of app developers helping the Ukrainian army. Kharkov developers from the Janepublish studio recently created an Android game called Kozak: Dress a Ukrainian Soldier, which is supposed to help Ukrianian soldiers in the conflict zone. The game is free, but its creators promise to use all profits from mobile advertising for the purchase of warm clothes for the soldiers.

Source: AIN.UA

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