IT systems integrators launch Digital Ukraine Association

A new professional association has emerged in Ukraine in Digital Ukraine, an association of IT systems integrators. Joining the association are 12 IT players which operate in the Ukrainian market. Members of the association include key system integrators, such as AMI, BMS Consulting, Inkom, Integrity Vision, IT-Solutions, KM Ware, ProNET, System Integration Service (SIS), S&T, Supportio, and SI BIS. Also joining the association is Octava Business Development, which is a division of asset-management firm Octava Capital.

The association aims to attract a greater number of systems integrators, other specialized IT companies and software publishers actively operating in the Ukrainian market.

As part of Digital Ukraine, working groups have been created in areas such as the creation of unified standards for the IT sector, changes in public procurement procedures (creation of a platform for electronic trading in the field of domestic public procurement), IT security, e-government, and registries. Educational initiatives and programs have been planned in partnership with universities, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and specialized NGOs.

One of the important tasks of the Association is the independent evaluation of IT projects in state agencies for compliance with the e-government strategy and uniform standards. All of this will help to avoid the misuse of state funds.

“The activities of Digital Ukraine aim to draw attention to information in Ukraine, in order to raise it to a new level and to accelerate the provision of electronic services to the public, to minimize human error, and to organize conditions for the creation of new jobs in the IT industry,” said Yuriy Shkil, president of the Digital Ukraine association.

Digital Ukraine is the first association to represent the interests of system integrators. This year also saw the creation of UAngel, the association of business angels, and UVCA, a venture capital association.

 Source: IT Expert

Topics: IT services, News
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