Ukrainian startup challenges Adobe with app “PDF Office”

Earlier this week Readdle, an Odessa, Ukraine-based startup operating globally, released the app “PDF Office,” a new flagship product, in the AppStore. This app is a mobile PDF editor that enables users to create and edit PDF directly on an iPad. Users can also make annotations, convert files from different formats to PDFs, and to scan documents and pages. The startup claims that this is “the best instrument on iOS for working with PDFs.”

Only the demo version is available for free, as users of the full version will need to spend $5 monthly or $40 annually for a subscription. The potential user base, in the company’s estimation, may amount to hundreds of thousands of people globally.

The service will be made cross-platform in the near future, which will help it to become a serious competitor to Adobe. The company is aiming to rollout a version of the service for the iPhone within two months and for Mac by the middle of next year.

The Odessa-based company Readdle is well-known for its successful apps for Apple devices. Since inception seven years ago, it claims its productivity apps have been downloaded more than 33 million times worldwide.

This past summer, its iOS app “Scanner Pro,” which allows users to scan documents and create digital copies of PDFs, reached the 6-million download mark. Another service, PDF Expert 5, represents the top-earning app in the company’s portfolio. In essence, PDF Office combines capabilities of the first and second apps, optionally performing functions such as converting other formats and enhanced scan.

Source: AIN.UA, Readdle.

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