Polish incubator Next.Step invests $50,000 in Ukrainian startup Treasurer

Odessa-based Kaznachey (Russian for “Treasurer”) has developed a cloud-based processing platform for Internet sites and mobile applications which allows users to purchase goods and services with any legal currency (bank cards, through self-service terminals, or by credit) as well as through sellers to be paid by account or by card.

The startup has obtained $50,000 from Polish incubator Next.Step, which will be used for the implementation of a pilot project in Poland with the goal of obtaining access to other European markets.

If the project is successful, developers hope to obtain another $200,000 from the Polish incubator. At the same time, Kaznachey has begun operations in Russia, where it has already connected with new customers and is preparing for the opening of the Russian mission.

Kaznachey is already an agent of six Ukrainian, Russian, and European banks. Its system The system allows for operations with Visa/Mastercard, Privat 24, LiqPay, cash-in kiosks Privatbank and iBox, and the payment systems Monexy, GlobalMoney, and WebMoney.

The startup claims to have obtained 1,000 new clients only within the past seven months.

In the past, the Odessa-based startup obtained $200,000 from incubator WannaBiz and a international IT company. Prior to this, the company obtained $30,000 in seed investment from a private investor. The project is constantly under development and seeks new investors from Russia and Kazakhstan.

Source: Inventure.com.ua

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