Kyiv Polytechnic Institute intends to build “Science City”

Kyiv (Kiev) Polytechnic Institute (KPI), a leading Ukrainian technical university, has teamed up with private partners Kyiv Polytechnic Science Park, Island Management, and Technology of Nature to implement two major projects, “Polyteco Science City” and “Own Heat”.

According to the protocol of intentions signed last week, the partners intend to build a research-and-production complex covering 251,000 square meters in the campus of the university. This “Science City” will host a business-incubator, venture funds, laboratories for prototypes, special rooms for high-tech industries, a lecture hall, offices, co-working space, hotel, and dining rooms.

The innovation city will provide an environment for developing scientific technologies with the help of scientific and industrial areas at KPI, as well as international and domestic high-tech companies and investors. It will also be used for instructing students at the university.

A private, power-generation company (project “Own Heat”), which will generate thermal energy for the university through renewable sources, will become an integral part of the innovation city.

The company will end the dependence of KPI on district heating, as well as the necessity of spending large amounts on heating tariffs, which are constantly rising. Until then, the university plans to install three thermal-power stations, as well as cogeneration units, heat pumps, and solar panels for heating water.

Source: KPI 

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