Divan.TV turns profitable, broadcasts user-generated channels worldwide via Smart TV

Content-creators now have the ability to broadcast videos or even launch and monetize their own channels through Divan.TV, a Ukrainian multiscreen OTT service that targets Ukrainian and Russian-speaking users around the globe.

Advantages of using this service, in contrast with that of YouTube, lies in the fact that the owner of the channel will receive coverage not only online, but also in 200 countries around the world through Smart TV, without having to invest additional funding for distribution.

Three such channels have already launched on Divan.TV, reported Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA. The opportunity to create a channel is available to all, but the platform is primarily geared towards streamers and journalists, who may have many videos from the field. Clips and films produced by photo and dance studios can be broadcast as well.

“Conditions are agreed individually, depending on the quality of the content and potential demand,” the Divan.TV press service told Ukraine Digital News.

The Ukrainian startup has also launched a crowdfunding platform. In the first campaign, “Help Hromadske.TV,” users can access this digital TV channel for just 15 hryvnia (roughly $0.50 at the current exchange rate). The channel receives 100% of the generated revenue. “It is not necessary to go to the bank or look for a number to send SMS in order to support the channel, but only to activate the appropriate fare,” explains the company.

In addition to the crowdfunding platform, Divan.TV also offers standard packages, which include Hromadske.TV among other popular news channels. Revenue from the packages is distributed among rights-holders and the platform.

Up to 20% monthly growth in revenue

Meanwhile, Divan.TV has announced that they broke even in Q4 2014. The company, which aims to be top option for the global audience of 300 million Ukrainian and Russian speakers, reports that its revenue grow by 15-20% each month. Revenue grew by 130% in 2014 over 2013.

Divan.TV claims 700,000 registered users, up from 250,000 in 2013. More than 70% of these users watch Divan.TV on Smart TV. Last year, the startup concluded a promotion partnership with LG, while its app have been embedded on Phillips devices.

The startup now plans to develop its audience among Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking communities located outside of Ukraine and Russia. “We see an untapped market there, which is why we are looking forward to partnering with local ISPs and cable companies in the United States and Europe,” said Arkady Kanyuka, Divan.TV’s newly-appointed executive director.

Sources: AIN.UA, Divan.TV

Topics: Digital TV, International
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