Ukrainian government enrolls volunteers in the “Internet forces of Ukraine”

The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has just launched I-ARMY.ORG, a site for enrolling people in the “information forces of Ukraine.” In order to join the online army, users must register their email in the system, which will allow them to begin receiving daily tasks in their inbox. At the moment, the site solely functions as a platform for registering volunteers.

The new initiative currently operates under the slogan “Each of your information messages is a bullet in the minds of the enemy.” The first job of the new recruit is to attract as many friends to the cause as possible.

For questions regarding cooperation with the staff, interested parties are invited to connect with the commander through “secret email” at the I-ARMY.ORG domain.

“Many fronts have been opened against us, with the information sphere being one of the most important. Within a year, we have managed to create a powerful army that bravely protects us in the Donbass territory. And now, the time has come to fight back against the Russian occupiers on the information front,” states the Information HQ.

The idea of creating the “information forces of Ukraine” was proposed last year by Yuriy Stets, the Minister of Information Policy. Stets declared that he has already enlisted the support of several prominent bloggers, but did not offer further details. Under the ministry, the primary function of the center will to be to coordinate the “soldiers.”

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An “i-army” group has already operated on Facebook since February 12, having attracted more than 6,000 members, but also triggered some sarcastic comments. The initiative has already attracted more than 2,000 members on Twitter, as well as nearly 2,000 members on Vkontakte, which is the leading Russian social network.

Established just a few months ago, the Ministry of Information Policy in Ukraine has set before itself the goal of defending the country from Russian propaganda. The ministry is also involved in pushing counter-propaganda in Crimea and Donbass, which Ukraine considers to be “temporarily-occupied territories.”

Source: AIN.UA

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