Key IT outsourcing topics to be discussed in Lviv on March 28

On March 28 Lviv (Lvov), a major city in Western Ukraine, will host the annual Lviv Outsourcing Forum, an event targeting owners and top managers of outsourcing companies as well as freelancers from all over Ukraine.

In its 6th edition, the forum will be organized around three main topics: “Outsourcing business,” “Small and medium outsourcing,” and “Outsourcing management.”

Among the guest speakers will be Yury Antonyuk, Haroon Elsarrag, Vlad Voskresensky, Denis Balatsko and Sergiy Fitsak. Their presentations will cover a variety of topics, from product development services (PDS 2.0), to business continuity planning, to delivery processes with US customers.

The Lviv Outsourcing Forum has asserted itself over the years as one of the most important industry events in Ukraine. It has helped many of its participants hire new employees, agree mergers or acquisitions, improve organization, and fine tune strategy.

Topics: Events & contests, IT services, Lviv, Regions
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