Ukrainian government partners with Microsoft on cyber security

Last week, the Interior ministry signed a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft regarding cooperation in the areas of data protection, as well as information and cyber security.

Rather than providing software, the company will offer information support and consultation to the specialists at MIA with regards to Microsoft products and services. Microsoft will also aid law enforcement officials in identifying and combating threats to information security.

The ministry’s 350,000 employees and various internal reporting systems are disconnected from each other, Microsoft Ukraine CEO Nadiya Vasylieva said in an exchange with The Kyiv Post and Ukraine Digital News.

“That’s what we want to help with – centralize it, unite the infrastructure, and make information closed for third parties and secure within the ministry,” she explained.

Under a “Government Security Program” signed in December 2014, Microsoft already partners with the Security Service of Ukraine, known as the SBU, and the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection.

This Government Security Program is only the second of its kind for Microsoft in Europe. Besides data security, it manages communications between state bodies.

Microsoft has already collaborated with European governments, state agencies, and businesses for more than 20 years in responding to local challenges, particularly in the field of data protection.

Capital notes that Ukraine falls the top 10 countries in the world in terms of cyber attacks, both as a victim and a source.

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