New freelance exchange aims to capitalize on Ukraine’s booming remote economy

The international freelance exchange platform is launching this month after a few months of test mode.

The Proffstore exchange aims to minimize the risks for customers. Its rating system, approved portfolios of specialists, security systems and arbitrage transactions reduce the risks of employers working directly with freelancers.

Especially for the arbitration side, Proffstore is currently bringing together a club of experts in various fields, which in the case of a dispute between the employer and the freelancer will make a collective decision.

Among Proffstore’s original features is “Premium IT-management” (PIM), which includes a range of supporting services for those clients that post a project on the exchange with a budget larger than $10,000.

“The aim of Proffstore is to create a Ukrainian online resource that can meet the needs of local freelancers and employers, as well as attract foreign investors into the local freelancing scene. At the same time, we hope to make Ukraine among the best international resources in this segment,” Ukrainian tech publication AIN.UA quoted the founder of the exchange Vladislav Kriveshko as saying.

The Ukrainian domestic freelancing market still in its infancy, but has all chances to develop in times of crisis, with domestic businesses looking to cost optimizations.

Ukrainian freelancers are also in demand abroad thanks to their professionalism and competitive rates for services. According to Elance, in 2014, Ukraine ranked third in the world in terms of total earnings by freelancers.

If on a global level the largest share of freelancing is taken up by technology specialists, in Ukraine the majority are designers. A survey conducted by Proffstore showed that among domestic remote workers designers represent 34%, followed by technology experts (25%) and those who work with text (17%).

It is noteworthy that, in connection with the crisis in the economy, many have tried out being a freelancer – almost half of the survey respondents have been working remotely less than a year. Order fulfillment on average lasts around two weeks. A growing number of freelance teams work together, but their share is still relatively small – at 15%. Proffstore sees great prospects for such teams.

Source: AIN.UA

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