From Robo-sumo to Robo-racing, Ukrainian kids measure their engineering capacities

On March 29 the National Aerospace Educational Center of Ukrainian Youth hosted the first robotics technology competition in Dnipropetrovsk (Dnepropetrovsk), a major city in Eastern Ukraine. The youngest contestant was three years old and the oldest one was 20.

No fewer than 120 young enthusiasts thus came to cross swords, while 400 spectators and robotics amateurs supported their favorite teams and shared their experience of robotics design.

The competition included a series of exciting events, including Robo-racing in the straight lines, Model engineering, Robo-sumo, Scratch projects and Freestyle with micro controllers and LEDs.

During the Robo-sumo competition, robots fought with brains and brawn, trying to push their rivals out of a circle.

In the Robo-racing, robots had to follow a line while outrunning their rivals.

The organizers intend to hold the competition on an annual basis starting from next year.

The Noosphere Engineering School was the mastermind behind the competition. In October 2014, this school launched the Robotic Technology and Electronics Laboratory in Dnipropetrovsk where young inventors supported by experienced mentors design unique electronic devices.

Noosphere is an American-Ukrainian asset management firm. Last year it invested in commerce platform


Robot contest 3

Robot contest 2

Robot contest 1

Robot contest 4




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