Ukrainian team raises $60,000 and creates “Adwords for WiFi”

In a bid to monetize on WiFi networks, Ukrainian startup AdTena has created a service which combines the functions of AdWords and AdSense. The concept is original in that it uses geolocation in targeting hotspots, as opposed to contextual targeting on websites.

Thus far, AdTena has spread to about 100 WiFi platforms, offering 20,000 daily impressions, reported Ukrainian tech blog AIN. The startup already has its first clients, but declines to reveal their identities.

For one of the customers, displaying 10,000 banners led to 1,300 transfers to the site and 75 email addresses were left. Therefore, the customer obtained a 13% CTR by using the service.

The startup is operating through partnerships with WiFi networks and plans to combine the maximum number in the service, whether they are independent businesses or networks.

The creators of the project are Alexander Dzyuba and Alexander Trush, who initially explored the idea behind it in October 2014 and then, in November, applied to the WannaBiz incubator.

The startup recently obtained $60,000 from investors in exchange for equity. The investment was obtained from members of the UAngel community and involved the Wannabiz incubator, Detonate Ventures, and Zorea Ventures.

Source: AIN.UA

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