EcoisMe launches smart energy-management device, over reaches crowdfunding target

Ecoisme, a Ukrainian startup which moved its headquarters last year to Poland, has launched its device to “track energy usage of any device, get tips to reduce it and alerts about devices left turned on.”

Presented as “the world’s most intelligent home energy monitoring system,” the Ecoisme device is currently available on Indiegogo, where it over reached the crowdfunding target with almost $60,000 raised in just 24 days.

“We spent almost 2 years developing Ecoisme; but although Ecoisme has powerful and complex technology behind it, the system is extremely easy to use – as simply as Shazam in the field of music,” stated Ecoisme CEO Ivan Pasichnyk.

Ecoisme device

Ecoisme’s device will send critical alerts to your mobile device if appliances such as your iron, electric oven or AC have been left on. Within the dashboard, parents can view their Ecoisme profile to monitor their children’s activities and view when the TV or Xbox are being used. Ecoisme can be taught to recognize all of your devices and will integrate with existing smart devices like NEST or WeMo, making your home significantly smarter.

Good for investors, good for the planet

The startup has also raised an undisclosed amount from Bas Godska. This Dutch marketing expert, who has Ukrainian origins, spent the past eight years between in Ukraine and Russia, where he became an active startup investor and advisor.

“I met the Ecoisme team last year at the IDCEE tech conference. My decision to invest in this startup was based on a few simple drivers: Region – i like Ukraine; Team – smart, efficient, friendly guys; Sector – underexposed, growing, and good for the planet. Lastly, the valuation seemed fair and first-rate investors had already joined,” Godska said in an exchange with Ukraine Digital News.

“I also see added value supporting the company with my e-marketing background and network,” he added.

Created in 2013 by Ivan Pasichnyk, Nazar Mokrynskyi, Alexander Diatlov and Anton Diatlov, Ecoisme went through Kiev-based incubator Happy Farm. Then it completed the acceleration program at Hubraum before receiving 80,000 euros in funding investment from this Krakow, Poland based incubator and its backer Deutsche Telekom.

Ecoisme also obtained 10,000 euro through competing at IDCEE last fall. Earlier this year it was distinguished by market experts as one of the 10 top Ukrainian startups.

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