Kyiv event honors Ukrainian student for technology “superior to those in use at Stanford”

As part of Pioneers Festival, Europe’s major startup and investor conference, the PioneersKyiv festival took place at M17 Contemporary Art Center on June 27.

The winner was Andrey Maranov, a student of Bogomolets National Medical University, whose startup ARanEd suggests a holistic approach to human skeleton research employing augmented reality technology.

Maranov’s second project is an application to scan and visualize the real structure of human bones, joints and tendons which may be installed on a regular smartphone. He claims that his technology is more advanced than the best practice of Stanford university scientists.

Maronov will take part in Pioneers Festival in Vienna in May 24-25, 2016.

Maranov @ PioneersKyiv

Ranked second, Flawless App is a plugin and application for designers ensuring that the interface remains unaltered after the development stage.

The other pitching startups were AstraFit, United Help, Pibox, Tap4Parking, Experitus and Explain.

The event was hosted by Eltrino, a Ukrainian company focused on eCommerce development, consulting and support.

The next PioneersKyiv festival is scheduled for November 2015.

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