Warsaw event to highlight latest e-commerce trends in Central and Eastern Europe

E-commerce Trends 2015, a major e-commerce event in Poland, will hold its 6th edition at the Businessmen Institute in Warsaw on September 22-23. Highlighting the most important aspects of e-trade including cross-border trade, mobile commerce, modern logistics, payment and marketing services, the event will bring together key players from Central and Eastern Europe offering services and solutions for online shopping.

The conference will thus be attended by hundreds of executives of e-commerce companies, service providers, marketing, payments and logistics specialists as well as other professionals.

The conference is supported by Polish E-commerce Chamber of Digital Economy in partnership with Ukraine Digital News.

The event is being organized by NoNoobs.pl among a series of industry events in the field of innovation technologies and electronic communications in Poland and neighbouring countries. Including in the series are adUniverse 2015, The Best of Global Digital Marketing 2015, Generation Mobile 2015, etc.

For more information on this event, please, click here or contact Mrs. Olszewska at Anita.Olszewska [at] NoNoobs.pl

Topics: E-commerce, Events & contests, International, Ukraine-EU
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