In Eastern Ukraine, major IT players form “Kharkiv IT Cluster”

Last week several major IT companies in Kharkiv (Kharkov) announced they are joining forces to form the “Kharkiv IT Cluster” with the stated goal of transforming the city into an attractive IT hot spot, reported tech blog AIN.UA.

Among the cluster’s key supporters are software developers and publishers Altexsoft, Insart, Telesens and Videal as well as web development company Sloboda Studio and e-marketing company Promodo.

The initiative aims to promote the city as “a safe and attractive location for IT businesses,” lobby industry interests, strengthen the relations between industry players inside and outside the city, develop ties with the educational system, and support young entrepreneurs.

Kharkiv IT Cluster also intends to provide legal assistance to local companies. Earlier this month, for instance, the cluster’s legal advisors helped game publisher Plarium deal with a tax inspection which led to close the company’s office during 24 hours.

“We’ll support all industry people. No less than 5,000 IT specialists left Ukraine last year, to combat brain drain we need to show that Kharkov is a safe and convenient location for the IT business,” said Altexsoft CEO Alexander Medovoi.

Source: AIN.UA

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