“The IT industry is developing more actively than ever,” says Dutch businessman in Ukraine

To explore the market opportunities and business potential of Ukrainian regions, the Embassy of the Netherlands has organized a series of trade missions to a number of Ukrainian cities, including Lutsk, Lviv (Lvov), Kharkiv (Kharkov) and Dnipropetrovsk (Dnepropetrovsk).

The most recent trade mission took place on October 12–14 in Dnipropetrovsk, which is the fastest growing region in Ukraine and one of the major centers of mining and finance, engineering and IT.

Among the 24 local firms met by the Dutch delegation was Daxx, a company that helps clients hire IT developers from Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Daxx was founded in 1999 in Amsterdam by Bart Kuyper and Jeroen Rijnen.

“The IT industry is developing more actively than ever before in both Ukraine and the Netherlands,” said Noud Bongers, Business Support Manager at Daxx.

“The number of our Dutch partners is increasing,” he added. “They are interested in hiring developers in Ukraine as this way they can reduce their IT-related expenses while working with talented tech workforce.”

No fewer than 90,000 Ukrainians currently work in IT, up 20% from last year, according to a recent report by IT job market expert Max Ischenko. Nearly 47% of them live in Kyiv, 16% in Kharkiv, 10% in Lviv and 8% in Dnipropetrovsk. The IT service industry has kept growing over the past two years in spite of the political turmoil and the economic crisis in Ukraine.

Source: Daxx

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