Russian online video streaming platform launches in Ukraine

Over the past few weeks, a major Russian online video streaming platform, has made its web, Smart TV and mobile services available in Ukraine and 10 countries of the former Soviet Union, said its general manager Oleg Tumanov to Russian business daily Vedomosti. The move is following agreements with content right owners.

In these countries, the Russian company may reach a potential audience of up to 60 million monthly users — even though Internet access quality may leave to be desired in these countries, said Tumanov. claims to be the leading online video service in Russia. In August 2015, according to TNS, the platform attracted 5.2 million Russian Internet users of 12 to 64 years of age, compared with Zoomby’s 3.8 million and Tvigle’s 2.3 million.

However, the Ivi Smart TV app brings even more traffic, with a total of 24 million unique users monthly via all platforms, according to Tumanov.

Ivi’s is not the first Russian player to operate in neighbouring countries. Tvzavr is active in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, while Tvigle entered the very same markets one year ago, Vedomosti learned from representatives of these companies.

Another Russia-language online video service, Megogo was founded in Ukraine in 2012. The company now operates as well in Russia, the Baltic states, Belarus and Kazakhstan, claiming no less than 43.2 million unique users monthly from the region.

Topics: Digital content, International, Internet, News, Ukraine-Russia
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