Ukraine likely to become even stronger in outsourcing, believes Slovakian competitor

“Is Ukraine too unstable a place to consider doing business there? Are the previous high ratings from Gartner and AT Kerney superseded by the political challenges with its significant neighbour Russia?,” asks Tomas Turkovic, Head of Outsourcing at Soitron, a Bratislava, Slovakia based group of IT service companies.

While the apparent answer is ‘yes,’ Turkovic offers a more optimistic view of the situation in a tribune published by the UK outsourcing portal Sourcing Focus.

Not only is the civil war that gripped the country’s disputed eastern region over, if judging by the fact that some western businesses have resumed commercial operations there, argues Turkovic.

What’s more, Ukraine’s ranking has risen 13 places in the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ annual global list, appearing just behind Saudi Arabia, notes the Slovakian businessman – whose position is unlikely to be biased in favor Ukrainian IT firms since those may compete with his own company.

“Ukraine is already a force in outsourcing after all, and has a set of structural advantages only likely to make it stronger in the field,” Turkovic believes.

“With outsourcing powerhouses such as Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia operating in stable environments, Ukraine’s reassurance job is a tall order. But at the same time, the sheer geography and convenience of this massive landlocked European country, the potential of its natural and human resources and the willingness of its inhabitants to work with Westerners suggests that’s probably not going to stay true for that much longer,” he concludes.

Read here the full article on Sourcing Focus. 

Topics: Analysis & opinion, International, IT services
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