SVOD Europe 2016: European and Californian entrepreneurs and investors to discuss industry’s “myths and realities”

The Silicon Valley Open Doors Europe conference (SVOD) will hold its second European edition in partnership with Google European Headquarters оn January 27-28, 2016 in Dublin (Ireland).

Attendees will hear from, and exchange with, experts from the global technology and venture industries. Highlighting the latest innovations and development trends of the industry, the event will be an opportunity for networking and matching entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe – Ukraine in particular – with investors from Silicon Valley and Western Europe.

Titled “Unicorn vs Narwhal. Myth vs Reality,” the event will examine the issue of rivalry between tech companies that use the “all-you-can-eat” investment strategy and those preferring the “eat-only-to-live” strategy.

The agenda will feature a Startup Competition with no fewer than 25 pre-selected startups pitching to prominent entrepreneurs, investors and other company representatives.

Among the notable participants are Viewdle (acquired by Google), Looksery (acquired by SnapChat), InvisibleCRM, Wrike, Trucker Path, Eccentex, DriveWay, etc.

“Ireland is uniquely positioned as a connector for the community of startups, entrepreneurs and investors across Europe and the United States. We are happy to host the event at Google to further develop this community in the region,” said Paddy Flynn of Google Ireland.

The SVOD conference was first launched in Silicon Valley in 2005 in an attempt to bring together representatives of the U.S. and European tech ecosystems. The first SVOD Europe conference was launched on April 16, 2015 in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine.

“Held in Silicon Valley over the past 10 years, the SVOD conference has become a perfect entry point to tech business for companies form across Europe,” said Denis Dovgopoliy, managing partner at GrowthUP Group and a co-organizer of SVOD Europe. “This and next year, we have decided to get closer to hold the conference in Europe, thus providing local entrepreneurs with access to the US experience and ecosystem without traveling or moving to California. We also aim to focus high-quality networking rather than on gathering a huge number of participants.”

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