Education ministry teams up with Google to launch platform for Ukrainian inventors

The Institute of Education Content Modernization, a branch of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, has joined forces with Google Ukraine to develop an online platform dedicated to Ukrainian inventors. Christened “Ideas that change the world,” the platform was presented earlier this month at Google Day Ukraine 2015.

Allowing anyone to suggest a bright idea and find like-minded people to implement it, the platform aims to create a community of Ukrainian inventors. It is available in Ukrainian language only.

To submit an idea, one has to fill in the form on the homepage. After moderation, the idea will appear in the “New ideas” section.

So far nine ideas have appeared on the website. Among them are a web space for home exchange, a saving boiler gas device,  a smart dumb-bell (“Helko”), a smart retail outlet concept (“Smart house”), a thermal-to-electrical energy conversion technology, and others.

Also displayed on the site is list of inventions which originated from Ukraine and had a noticeable impact on international scientific and technological development. These include the first electric tram, a kerosene lamp, a gas-turbine jet welding in outer space and the first computer in continental Europe.

Another recent initiative from the Ukrainian authorities in this field was the exhibition “50 Inventions bestowed by Ukraine to the world.” It was opened in September by the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

On its side, Google has launched several initiatives to support the Ukrainian tech market. The US tech firm mentors startups in promotion, marketing and sales. Its Google Day, held every two years, brings together hundreds of IT, marketing and media experts from all over the country.

In 2013, Google Day was dedicated to the official launching of YouTube in Ukraine. This year, the conference was dedicated to the “Digital transformation of Ukraine.”

Sources: Nova Kakhovka, Google Ukraine Blog, AIN.UA, Presidential Administration

Topics: Internet, News, Online media, Policy making, Search engines
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