Kyiv Post offers “A look at the nation’s top innovators”

The Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s leading English language media, has just released a supplement devoted to Ukrainian innovations.

“The world’s headlines about Ukraine are dominated by stories of corruption, war and all the things not going right in the nation. But that’s not the whole story. Ukrainians are highly entrepreneurial, when given the freedom, and highly adaptive,” writes the editor.

Featured in the report are a dozen of Ukrainian tech companies, including such successful startups as Looksery (recently acquired by Snapchat), (which has just entered the US market), and DepositPhotos (a rapidly growing photo bank).

Also featured are more established players such as Centravis, which has become the sixth biggest supplier of seamless stainless pipe worldwide, KM Core, a diversified tech company founded in 1990, and aircraft manufacturer Antonov.

The report has been sponsored by Horizon Capital, a major Ukrainian private equity fund manager.

To download this free report, please click here.

Topics: Analysis & opinion, Data & reports, Startups
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