Mobile app will save your memory

Do people forget something because they are overloaded with information or just always run out of time? Or do they forget because their memory is not what it once was?

Chances are it’s a combination of both.

However, now there seems to be a solution – an iOS mobile application that supposed to save one’s memories has recently appeared in App Store.

Almost immediately after entering the market, the startup that created the application won a $30,000 grant from the most famous online social networking service Facebook Inc. The grant will go on the app’s promotion and buildup.

Called My Wall, developed and founded by Ukrainians, and available in English and Russian, the app allows a user to upload only one photograph a week to an entirely private online photo album. This, in contrast with social networks like Facebook’s Instagram or Twitter Inc., which let users upload unlimited amounts of information, forces users to pick-and-save only the most valuable pictures and share them with no one – except oneself.

“We position ourselves as a resource to store the most important moments of life,” My Wall cofounder Oleg Vlasenko told the Kyiv Post on Feb. 1. “We deliberately made an application that will store exactly one happy moment of the week. This app has a social character helps people relate selectively to the consumption of information.”

This unusual approach to managing one’s online photographs will help people cope with overloading of information and save only the most precious memories, another cofounder of My Wall Volodymyr Khmura told Ukrainian online tech journal, AIN.UA, on Jan. 29.

Khmura says idea was born when he realized that he was quickly forgetting events that only occurred two or three years ago. He says that the number of photos on his smartphone got so large he couldn’t find important pictures anymore.

The project, with its slogan “ecological consumption of information,” was launched seven months ago by four people in Kyiv. All in all, the founders spent $7,000 on starting My Wall.

“We believe in the project and see a clear strategy for its development,” Vlasenko told the Kyiv Post. “We’re convinced that our idea will help many people reconsider their lives and their memories under their own angle, and not imposed by (online) society.”

The founders plan to develop a version for Android. They also intend to release a paid-for extended edition with baby and family albums, with additional filters for processing photos, allowing video uploading and creating a next of kin mini-group who can access the albums.

Shortly the startup is going to apply to Kickstarter, with the purpose of raising $10,000.

This story first appeared in the Kyiv Post

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