Economy ministry announces new measures to support Ukraine’s IT export

In late January, industry representatives led by the IT Ukraine association and officials from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade met to discuss new opportunities and prospects for IT service exports.

“We believe that IT service exports represent an important sector of the Ukrainian economy, and that they should develop further with extensive governmental support,” stated Deputy Minister Natalya Mikolskaya.

Ukraine’s exports in this field amounted to some $2.3 billion in 2014, according to conservative estimates, which is just a fraction of the country’s potential.

The ministry informed the industry representatives about the new export opportunities related to several related international programs which Ukraine has joined recently. These programs aim to develop cooperation in the fields of cross-border entrepreneurship and knowledge-intensive industries, as well as to adjust the Ukrainian IT industry standards and services to international ones.

Deputy minister Maxim Nefyodov elaborated on the WTO’s Government Procurement Agreement, which Ukraine joined recently, allowing Ukrainian companies to bid in tenders in other countries.

“The ministry is ready to assist Ukrainian players in the entire tender process, from contacting embassies to involving volunteering expats to support Ukrainian bidders,” Nefyodov said. (Nefyodov resigned together with former economy minister Aivaras Abromavicius in early February.)

Mikolskaya announced “a range of initiatives this year” from the government’s side, citing a draft law that aims to simplify the formal requirements for export contracts. Print copies of the contracts and acceptance acts, in particular, will no longer be necessary.

Harmonizing digital markets across Europe

Elena Minich, who heads the innovations development and intellectual property department, told about the consequences and opportunities of Ukraine’s participation in the EU’s Eastern Partnership Programme, which includes the harmonization of digital markets.

Vladimir Seminikhin of the entrepreneurship development and regulatory policy department, presented the benefits Ukraine would enjoy participating in such programs as СOSME (EU programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), Enterprise Europe Network and Horizon 2020. The latter – with a seven billion euro budget over seven years – supports financially research and innovative solutions.

The government and industry representatives agreed upon jointly approaching major global corporations to develop R&D activities in Ukraine.

No less than a hundred multinational R&D centers already operate in Ukraine, says a recent UADN.NET report.

An international campaign to promote the Ukrainian IT industry will also be launched, including the distribution of a promo movie and industry reports.

Besides, the ministry will involve Ukrainian IT professionals in its internationally-oriented business forums and trade missions.

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