Ten IT companies operating in Ukraine ranked among world’s top IT service providers

Earlier this week industry association IAOP released the 11th edition of its Global Outsourcing 100, the annual listing of the world’s top outsourcing service providers. Four Ukrainian IT firms and six international IT companies with their R&D centers located in Ukraine got listed.

The Global Outsourcing 100 is compiled from applications received and evaluated by independent panel of judges from the IAOP. The outsourcing service providers named to the listing include companies from around the world providing the full spectrum of outsourcing services.

The ranking showcases what the IAOP believes to be the best companies in each of four judging categories: size and growth; delivery excellence; programs for innovation; and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Among the Ukrainian companies featured in the ranking are the following:

  • SoftServe (more than 3,000 employees, HQ in Lviv (Lvov), Western Ukraine);
  • Eleks (more than 800 employees, HQ in Lviv (Lvov), Western Ukraine);
  • Miratech (more than 800 employees, HQ in Kyiv (Kiev));
  • Sigma Software (more than 800 employees, HQ in Kharkiv (Kharkov), Eastern Ukraine; the company is affiliated to Swedish consulting group Sigma).

The following international companies with their R&D centers located in Ukraine are mentioned in the list:

  • EPAM (more than 4,000 employees in Ukraine, HQ in the USA);
  • Luxoft (more than 3,000 employees in Ukraine, HQ in Switzerland);
  • Ciklum (more than 2,000 employees in Ukraine, HQ in Denmark);
  • Intetics (more than 2,00 employees in Ukraine, HQ in the USA);
  • TEAM International Services (more than 200 employees in Ukraine, HQ in the USA);
  • Softjourn (more than 100 emplyees in Ukraine, HQ in the USA).

“Choosing the right partners is more important than ever. Companies that outsource, not only in the traditional sense but also through the wide array of the ever-changing collaborative business models are scrutinizing their providers very closely. The GO100 is the definitive guide to help companies research and compare service providers with whom they are considering relationships,” said IAOP CEO Debi Hamill.

The IAOP’s previous ranking included Ukrainian IT service companies Eleks, Miratech, Softengi and SoftServe as well as four international companies with Ukrainian R&D centers in Ukraine: Artezio, Intetics, TEAM International Services and Softjourn

Source: IAOP, DOU.UA.

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