Ukrainian NGO launches crowdfunding platform for teachers

Last week a Pro.Svit, a non-profit initiative for innovative education in Ukraine, launched an online platform for teachers to fund educational projects. Christened ‘Go Funded,’ the site aims to support grassroots initiatives in education.

For the last two years, teachers have been developing a number of projects as part of Pro.Svit teaching programs. Crowdfunding seemed a relevant approach for some of these initiatives.

“We are seeking to provide a special environment to ensure that not only parents, but communities, companies and NGOs can contribute to the development of a new educational ecosystem,” said Go Funded founder Lilia Borovets.

Among the site’s first crowdfunding campaigns, one project aims to help schools build their own 3D-printers. Another one is to create a laboratory to conduct physical experiments.

The most ambitious funding target on the site amounts to just 12,500 hryvnias (approximately $467 at the current exchange rate).

Ukrainian crowdfunding platform Big Idea has mentored the project, helped develop the website and define a business model. GoFundEd, just like Big Idea, will get 10% of the funds raised in each campaign.

Go Funded also secured financial support from the National Endowment for Democracy.

Pro.Svit (meaning “about the world” in Ukrainian) is a project of Na Chasi, a Ukrainian NGO which gathering educators, trainers and activists

Sources: AIN.UA, Pro.Svit

Topics: Crowdfunding, Education & training, Finance, News
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