Ukrainian startup raises $150,000 to fill “huge knowledge gap” in people’s lives

Highbrow, an internationally-oriented Ukrainian startup developing an educational email subscription service, has just raised a $150,000 angel round to develop its user base. The news was reported yesterday by local tech blog AIN.UA, based on an exchange with the startup’s co-founder Artem Zavyalov. The startup had never raised investor money before.

The investor is “a renowned serial entrepreneur from Ukraine,” Zavyalov said. He declined to disclose the investor’s identity.

Founded in 2014, Highbrow has designed a free email subscription service “brings bite-sized courses straight to your inbox every morning.” Its 75 courses encompass a variety of topics, from “SEO fundamentals,” to “Trials that shaped the modern world,” to “Groundbreaking contemporary artists.”

Highbrow course on impressionists

The idea of Highbrow is to fill “a huge knowledge gap between what we are learning from the media and real textbook knowledge. And like most modern people, we found ourselves constantly too busy or distracted to invest the time or money to learn about something new in-depth,” the startup explains.

The startup claims to have attracted 180,000 users so far.

Thanks to course sponsors, Highbrow is already a profitable business, Zavyalov told AIN.UA.

Topics: Finance, Internet, Online services, Startups, Venture/Private equity
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