Report: Western Ukraine’s IT capital Lviv hosts more than 15,000 IT experts

Lviv IT Cluster, an association of IT firms operating in Western Ukraine, has released an in-depth report on the local IT scene, based on exchanges with no less than 400 industry professionals.

The study offers a detailed analysis of the local market volume, geography, structure and potential, as well as a complete overview of the business environment.

Lviv (also spelt Lvov) is home to 192 companies and has more than 15,000 IT professionals working in this dynamic sphere. “The city has a huge potential with more than 4000 IT graduates and an at least 20% growth rate every year,” the analysts write.

Lviv IT developers and engineers receive a monthly average of $1,500, which places them high in the Ukrainian salary scale while remaining competitive by international standards.

The better part of these local companies are IT outsourcing service providers working with US and European clients. international sales account for up 98% of total sales in general.

The local IT market generates nearly $300 million in turnover, according to the report – a figure that has tripled over the past five years.

More than 92% of local IT directors expect positive market developments in the short term. They also expect that running a business in Lviv will become easier in the following years as the city will assert itself as an attractive destination for both for foreign clients and Ukrainian professionals.

The report, however, also analyzes the factors which might threaten these positive development, and how to address them.

On its side, Ukraine Digital News has released recently a study about IT outsourcing and software development firms across all Ukraine’s regions.

  • Click here to download the report on the IT industry in Lviv, or here for UADN’s country report. 


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