Ukrainian startup transforms voice recognition device into fashionable pendant

A Ukrainian startup has created a beautiful jewelry piece to “wrap and share your thoughts, infinitely collect your dreams, and write your own history.”

Christened Senstone, this AI-powered pendant will record your voice and allow you to create to-do-lists and notes, posts and goals “at the speed of sound.”

Senstone also generates commands to create posts or emails as well as voice control over operating systems, as stated on the startup’s website.

The intelligent wearable can recognize seven languages – including English, Russian and Ukrainian – with an average recognition rate of 97%, according to the startup.

A notebook arranging all the notes by priority and topic, reminders and checklist included, is offered as a complement to the wearable.

The pendant of just 1.2 inches in diameter and weighing 26 grams enjoys a minimum memory capacity of 30 minutes of recording and an average battery life of up to three days.

“Senstone was initially designed as a button for forgetful people like me. The goal was to find a quick and easy way to record ideas, with no need to use a phone,” comments Nazar Fedorchuk, the founder, on his Facebook account.


A prototype was presented last month at the Ukrainian Fashion Week, sparking interest among attendees. For instance, Natalie Jaresko, Ukraine’s minister of finance, said she would be love to have such a device to help her record ideas at night.

In the future, two models of Senstone brooches and bracelets will be developed for men and women.

Sales may start at the end of 2016. The team has already applied for a US patent with the aim to enter the US market in the future.

Sources: Senstone, AIN.UA, Ukrop Depo UA.

Topics: Hardware & Electronics, News, Startups
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