New TV channel aims “to unite programmers, innovators and investors” from Ukraine and beyond

Earlier this week BrainTV, a non-profit media project that aims to cultivate IT specialists in Ukraine, launched in beta mode on multimedia OTT service Divan.TV in 200 countries around the world.

The channel has become the first Ukrainian one to provide access to educational content about IT. Already included in its free programs are Harvard’s CS50 course, computer programming courses from Ukrainian IT schools, interviews with Ukrainian startup entrepreneurs and investors, video reports from industry events, and other features.

Currently, the programs are broadcast in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.

In May, the channel will launch a crowdfunding campaign to produce a “Weekly Tech News Digest” and an entertainment show in English.

BrainTV is the brainchild of the BrainBasket foundation, a Ukrainian NGO established in 2014 to support IT education in the country.

“The future is in our hands”

According to the foundation’s director Vladimir Liulka, BrainTV “will not only educate, but also develop and promote the Ukrainian IT industry.”

“This channel allows to unite programmers, innovators and investors. Importantly, it allows foreigners to join as well,” said the deputy head of the presidential administration Dmytro Shymkiv.

“Television has to educate, not only entertain. It is especially important to inform people that they can study by themselves online. With this channel, people will be able to get more motivated, understanding that they can do most things by themselves, and that the future of their country is in their hands,” commented Ayshe Borseitova, who founded the international online school Wow Effect.

By the end of this month the channel is planned to go live on such other digital TV streaming services as Megogo, OLL.TV and FainoTV. It is also available for viewing on the channel’s website that will run in full mode starting May, 2016.

Source: BrainBasket Foundation.

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